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Ky Chu.
Stupid joke through doodles. My OC, Bagel Starr dressed as Sin Kiske, Xrd flavored! He looks like a twink version of Sin with his flat chest
Edit: A cleaner version now that I have my scanner
Happy Birthday Rittesora! Gaaah, I’m stressed and never drew Chipp before. Sorry for the messy sketch but still hope you enjoy it
OC, Pepper with her Digimon of choice, Black Gabumon. You…can’t really tell because sketch = u = ; …She’s either the Best or the Worse tamer
Made an animated icon since the other one is years old
Day 12: The closest thing to being furry I can get on my own terms. Got motivation to continue the pokechallenge More here
Awful doodle. Wears it for the sake of irony And to piss in the cornflakes of many titty masters plus its super cute~
Vent art.
Emergency Commission

I need to make some extra money so I can pay my college bills and still have have my living expenses ( somewhat ) stable. Commission info and samples on my art blog. Send a private message if you’re interested